Not fully healthy, Castillo returns

Not fully healthy, Castillo returns

NEW YORK -- As the season progresses, more and more of Luis Castillo's time is being spent in the trainer's room.

"A lot, man," Castillo said.

Nevertheless, Castillo was back in the Mets' lineup on Saturday, amidst worries that the bone bruise in his left foot will eventually need an extended period of rest.

"It's almost like he's playing with a little rock in his shoe," manager Jerry Manuel said. "You can play with it, but there's going to be some discomfort."

Castillo sat out Friday's 2-1 loss to the Yankees, and Manuel indicated that he would try to give his second baseman another day of rest on Saturday. But with an orthopedic pad in his shoe and a wrap around his foot, Castillo decided that he would attempt to play.

"I'm going to go out there and give everything that I have," he said.

-- Anthony DiComo