Mets fans making Camden Yards home

Mets fans making Camden Yards home

BALTIMORE -- When Mets center fielder Angel Pagan goes on the road, he's used to looking up in the outfield stands and seeing the home team's colors -- red in Philadelphia, baby blue in Chicago -- as the dominant hues.

So Pagan has been pleasantly surprised during the Mets' Interleague series at Camden Yards, where orange-and-blue-clad Mets fans have made their presence known -- and heard.

"This is my first time here in Baltimore, and there's so many of our fans," Pagan said. "The majority of the people are for us, and that's good to have."

The phenomenon isn't new -- Yankees and Red Sox fans have made Camden Yards a second home for some time. The reasons are many: the widespread availability of tickets, inexpensive airfares from the New York area, cheaper hotel rooms than in some cities and the proximity of the two cities.

When the Mets exited the field Sunday after batting practice, they were greeted by a rousing cheer from a throng of fans crammed several deep around their dugout. The "Let's Go Mets!" chant has been prevalent through the series, and Orioles rooters haven't succeeded in shouting it down for any length of time.

"It's a lot of people. When you look up to the stands you see a lot of Mets fans," Pagan said. "When they cheer for you, it makes you feel like you're playing at home."