Minaya reaffirms support for Manuel

Minaya reaffirms support for Manuel

LOS ANGELES -- Continuing to travel with the team, Mets general manager Omar Minaya sat in the visiting dugout at Dodger Stadium on Thursday and reaffirmed his support of manager Jerry Manuel.

"Jerry Manuel's our manager," Minaya said. "Look, any time you're going to have a couple losing things, those things are going to pop up, but there's no discussion at all. Jerry Manuel is our manager, going to be our manager -- very happy with the job he's done."

Manuel's team has lost six of its last seven entering a four-game set with the Dodgers on Thursday, and he said he knows being judged week-to-week comes with the territory. But he said his job hasn't come up in his own discussions with the Mets front office.

"I haven't had a conversation this or that -- it's always a conversation about how do we get better," Manuel. "It's never about me. That's part of being where I'm at, I understand that."

Minaya was non-committal when asked if Manuel would finish the season as Mets manager.

"Jerry's our manager," Minaya said. "When we signed Jerry -- for me to discuss Jerry's job status after a losing streak, it's just not right. Teams are going to have losing streaks. It's not right to discuss a manager's status. I tell you he's our manager and I see him being our manager."

Manuel had just been asked whether he had received a call from Jeff Wilpon when Minaya made his way into the visiting dugout.

"A call as to what, about me? There you go, that's my boss right there," Manuel said. "Holler at him, holler at him. 'What's going on, man? Hey, did you say two-year extension or what?'"

Minaya came up behind Manuel and told him, "Welcome to New York, brother."

Manuel joked this was the time the team would rattle off 10 straight wins -- right when he's back in hot water. He was reportedly on the hot seat at the start of the season, but the Mets were in first place going into May and were just two games off the National League East lead at the start of July.