Mets' Manuel ejected for arguing in second

Mets' Manuel ejected for arguing in second

LOS ANGELES -- Mets manager Jerry Manuel was ejected at the end of the top of the second inning Friday night at Dodger Stadium in a 6-1 Mets win.

With two outs and two in scoring position in the second, Luis Castillo hit a grounder in the hole that shortstop Rafael Furcal backhanded before throwing in time for the out, according to umpire Doug Eddings.

Mets first-base coach Razor Shines immediately argued. Manuel wasn't far behind and was tossed quickly. Replays showed that Castillo beat the throw.

"I thought he was ready to make an out call regardless of what he saw, that's the only thing about it," said Manuel, who saw the replay. "He said that I was yelling. I might have been yelling."

Manuel said it was possible his cap and Eddings' cap made contact, but said he wasn't expecting to hear from MLB because of that.

"They might have touched," Manuel said. "Incidental. I think they touched, I'm not sure."

Manuel has been ejected three times this season, the last coming at home against Cincinnati on July 5. David Wright and Jose Reyes are the only Mets players to have been ejected this season (once each).