Ike has big fan in Torre

Ike has big fan in Torre

LOS ANGELES -- After watching Mets rookie Ike Davis hit his 14th home run of the season on Friday night, Dodgers manager Joe Torre was asked what his impression was of Davis.

"I like him a lot," Torre said.

Elaborating on what it was about Davis that he liked, Torre referred to his makeup and patience.

"At the plate, he sort of looks like he has the temperament of John Olerud," Torre suggested, "where he's really in no rush to do anything."

By not being in a rush, Torre meant that he lets things happen at the plate rather than trying to make things happen.

"He lets the ball get deep. He has no problem letting the ball get deep into the box," Torre explained.

That patience was shown on that home run Friday.

"[Vicente] Padilla got burned last night with that slow pitch," Torre observed. "He just sat, just sat and didn't try to pull it. Lots of guys will try to pull it. He just served it out there."

As for Davis, now over 300 at-bats into his first Major League season, it's a learning experience.

As for the biggest difference he's noticed about the Majors, it's how the pitchers adjust.

"They will find your weakness and exploit it," he said.

As for what he has to do to counteract that, Davis feels it's a matter of being able to be able to adjust himself.

"It really depends on how good you're going, and what they're adjusting to," Davis explained. "If you get into a fastball phase or a changeup phase, they are going to change away from that."

As for what he expects of himself, Davis has high standards.

"I think I've got some power. I should hit at least 20 home runs a year," he said. "I just want to get the average up to where it should be."

Finally, as for any advice his dad, former Yankees pitcher Ron Davis, had for him, it was simple.

"He told me to have fun and enjoy myself," Davis said.

Have fun, like he did years ago when his dad took him to an Old-Timers' Day at Yankee Stadium and introduced him to Torre.