Mets respond to MLBPA grievance for K-Rod

Mets respond to MLBPA grievance for K-Rod

HOUSTON -- The Major League Baseball Players Association filed a grievance against the Mets and the Commissioner's Office on Wednesday to contest the Mets' placement of Francisco Rodriguez on the disqualified list.

The union's filing, which was expected, will challenge the Mets' decision to put Rodriguez on the list and converting the remainder of his contract to a non-guaranteed one. If the two sides don't reach an agreement, arbitrator Shyam Das would decide the case. No hearing date has been set.

The Mets released a statement in response to the grievance.

"We disagree with the position of the Players Association," the Mets' statement said. "We believe our action was justified and appropriate."

The Mets announced on Monday the decision to place Rodriguez on the list after determining that he injured his right pitching thumb during his encounter with the grandfather of his children last week at Citi Field. Rodriguez was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment after the fight. He had surgery to repair a ligament in his thumb on Tuesday.

By placing him on the list, the Mets hope to avoid paying Rodriguez for the remainder of this season, which would cost Rodriguez $3,016,393 of his $11.5 million salary. That's added to the $125,683 he lost when the Mets put him on the restricted list for two days after the incident.

While the Mets have stated they would like Rodriguez to return next season if he completes his rehabilitation, they could attempt to terminate his contract next season during Spring Training by placing him on the disqualified list. That move would require the club to pay $1,885,246, which would be 30-day termination pay. If successful, the Mets would not have to pay the rest of his $11.5 million salary for next season.

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