Mets talk to Davis about arguing with umps

Mets talk to Davis about arguing with umps

ATLANTA -- Manager Jerry Manuel says the Mets have talked to Ike Davis about toning down his arguments with umpires. Davis says no such conversation took place.

Either way, the Mets are not too concerned with their rookie first baseman's overt emotions.

"A lot of it is frustration," Manuel said. "I don't think he comes out to be a guy that's critical of umpires all the time."

After taking a called third strike to end the third inning Sunday, Davis threw up both hands in apparent exasperation with home-plate umpire CB Bucknor. But Davis said Monday that the nature of his conversations with umpires is rarely contentious.

"It's not like I hold a grudge against them," Davis said. "I'm just upset I struck out. What are you going to do?"

Davis, who did not argue after striking out looking in his first at-bat Monday, entered the day hitting just .234 since the All-Star break.

"I'm an emotional player, no matter what," he said. "If I think it's a ball and I strike out on something that I thought I was going to walk on, I'm going to be a little upset. But then I forget about it and go on with my business."