Dreamseats can become a reality

For Mets fans, Dreamseats can be a reality

The best seat in Major League Baseball history might have been immediately behind home plate when Babe Ruth was calling his shot at Wrigley Field at the 1932 World Series. It might have been right behind the dugout at old Ebbets Field as Jackie Robinson ran out to his Major League position for the first time.

It might have been in the right-field bleachers at Yankee Stadium on the last day of the 1961 season, when Roger Maris sent his then-record 61st homer of the season out there. It might have been in one of those SkyDome hotel rooms in center field during the 1992-93 World Series, or in any of 57,397 seats at Shea Stadium on Oct. 16, 1969, when Jerry Koosman threw a five-hitter to clinch the Amazin' Mets' first title.

But what is the best seat in Major League Baseball right now? A Boston fan might say the Green Monster seats, a Diamondbacks fan might say in their pool beyond the right-field wall, and a Cubs fan might say the outfield bleachers or a rooftop. It is arbitrary, but it could be argued that the best seat in the house now is a Dreamseat.

In a 2006 season that was mostly dreamy for Mets fans around Shea, the success of those left-field Dreamseats was beyond all expectations. Just ask anyone who had the honor of reclining in those cushy seats right on top of the action. They had that great view of Endy Chavez going airborne to bring back a homer in the National League Championship Series, and they were practically right there on top of Barry Bonds when he made his much-anticipated first visit of the season to Shea last summer.

These are the same luxurious, high-grade leather recliners that anyone can order in the MLB.com Shop, marked down from $1,295 to $999. They have the signature colors and logos of your favorite team, and in this case those Dreamseats will be back with an even stronger presence at Shea for the 2007 season. If you weren't a winner in that August contest conducted by the Mets and SportsNet New York for four Dreamseats, then keep the dream alive and buy your own "DreamSuite" and sit in these at Shea next season.

"This promotion was fabulously successful," said Dave Howard, the Mets' executive vice president of business. "The seats are incredibly comfortable and situated to provide a unique viewing experience in the ballpark, complete with a large flat screen TV. Our fans received a fun 'upgrade' experience and Dreamseats received high-visibility promotion in-stadium as well as frequent game telecast exposure."

DreamSuites were created to give the fans the ultimate spectator experience at the ballpark. These custom-designed VIP areas provide fans all the comforts of their own living room with the excitement and feel of being right in the stadium. And that's why it has to be considered one of the best seats in Major League Baseball.

The DreamSuite is designed to include the VIP fan with the general fan population by designing suites to fit in your existing stadium layout. This can be accomplished without creating site-line issues and allowing for entry and exit egress to comply with code. The DreamSuites are equipped with Dreamseat recliners, flat panel TVs and a retractable awning, where applicable. Seating Solutions, the parent company of DreamSeat with more than 25 years experience, can design, engineer and build the entire DreamSuite sections. Their stadium design and construction experience runs from the NFL's New England Patriots' removable end zone seating to the Mets' outfield bleachers.

When DreamSeats presented the initial idea to install two DreamSuite sections in an underutilized area at Shea, they were initially met with hesitation from Paul Danforth Sr., vice president of corporate sales. After installing them, to his surprise, it was typically the most sought-after ticket at Shea in 2006. There was an immediate buzz around the stadium regarding this new VIP and "Fan of the Game" seating. Danforth was so pleased with the reaction to that seating experience that the Mets have decided to add additional DreamSuites before Opening Day in 2007. After entertaining skybox holders for the postseason games in the DreamSuites, Danforth's guests commented on how they loved the fan-friendly environment and felt that the relaxed comfort is unsurpassed.

There was not a bad seat in the house if you were among those on the edge of their seats when a World Series appearance was on the line -- with Carlos Beltran batting, the bases loaded, the count full, bottom of the ninth, Game 7 of the NLCS. Now the question is whether the Mets will get over that hump and into the Fall Classic in 2007.

Just think of how much fun it will be to go along for the ride, especially if you are sitting in one of those Mets Dreamseats down the left-field line or in your TV room watching the games at home. Visit www.dreamseat.com for more information and find your own Dreamseat in the MLB.com Shop.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.