Achievements, awards aplenty for Kiner

Achievements, awards aplenty for Kiner

Ralph Kiner, Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson are the only Hall of Fame inductees who played 10 seasons, the minimum number of seasons to be included on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Kiner led the National League in home runs in his first seven seasons (1946-1952), hitting 294 dingers. No other player has led a league in home runs in more than six consecutive seasons.

Kiner hit 13 grand slams, two home runs in a game 31 times and three home runs in a game three times.

He twice hit five home runs in two consecutive games, hit seven home runs in three consecutive games and eight home runs in four consecutive games.

There have been more than 80 instances in baseball history in which players have hit 369 home runs in a 10-year span, as Kiner did from 1946-1955. Babe Ruth was responsible for nine of the instances, Jimmie Foxx five and Lou Gehrig four. But at the time Kiner had his 10-year run as the game's elite slugger, only those three had done so.

Kiner was selected to the All-Century Team as one of the top 100 players of the 20th century, and he was honored at the All-Star Game in Boston in 1999.

Ted Williams chose Kiner as one of the 20 greatest hitters for the "Hitters Hall of Fame" in 1995.

Kiner was elected to the Mets Hall of Fame and the state of Pennsylvania's Hall of Fame.

Kiner received the William J. Slocum Award for Long and Meritorious Service from the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America at its annual dinner in 1990.

His uniform No. 4 was retired by the Pirates in the summer of 1987.

Has won three Emmy Awards for broadcasting.

Kiner's first 25 years with the Mets were chronicled in his autobiography, "Kiner's Korner: At Bat and On The Air -- My 40 Years in Baseball."

His second book, "Baseball Forever," was published in 2004.

After his retirement as a player, Kiner was the general manager of the Pacific Coast League's San Diego Padres. He later was an announcer for the Chicago White Sox.

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Kiner on his famous malaprops: "I worked with Yogi [Berra] and I worked with Casey [Stengel]. With that kind of background, I had no chance."

Kiner's best quotes: "Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water, the other third is covered by Garry Maddox."

"Home run hitters drive Cadillacs, singles hitters drive Fords."

"Cadillacs are at the end of the bat."

Kiner footnote: "I thought I'd get a free Cadillac because a lot of people heard those quotes. I never did. But I did drive Cadillacs ... and I had to pay for them."

Kiner's Korner moments

Three questions to Choo Choo Coleman

Kiner: So, Choo Choo, where'd you get that nickname?

Coleman: I don't know.

Kiner: What's your wife's name?

Coleman: Mrs. Coleman.

Kiner: What's she like?

Coleman: She likes me, bub.

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