Gee shows at Fan Cave with shaved head

Gee shows at Fan Cave with shaved head

Gee shows at Fan Cave with shaved head
NEW YORK -- The hair went out with the perfect record.

Mets pitcher Dillon Gee showed up at MLB Fan Cave Wednesday morning with a bald head, saying he made the decision to wait until his first loss of the season to shave his locks. A night earlier, he walked six in a 7-3 loss to the A's -- dropping his record to 7-1.

"It was last night," he said. "Long hair and the streak are both gone. I've been wanting to shave for a while because I'm follically challenged on top. But I was like, 'Hey, as long as we're winning, especially when I'm out there, I'm not touching it.'"

As MLB Dream Job winner Mike O'Hara gave Gee the Fan Cave tour and stopped at the barber's chair and tattoo area, Gee's wife, Kari Ann, said, "They could have shaved your head, too."

Kari Ann said the National League Rookie of the Year contender sent her a text message shortly after the end of the game. "It said, 'So, can I shave my head tonight?' I said, 'Absolutely.'"

"Obviously it's not about the hair, but baseball players are superstitious," he said. "It's just something I didn't want to mess with. I've shaved it in the past so it's not like a big adjustment. It's just something I wanted to do last night."

Gee spent about 15 minutes answering questions from Twitter and Facebook, then taped a Sesame Street-like video skit about the letter "G" for

"I think he looks smooth, man," O'Hara said. "Sometimes it's off with the old, on with the new."

Gee has a tough assignment in his next outing, as he's scheduled to go up against Derek Holland (6-2) Sunday afternoon at Texas. When asked about his tough night on Tuesday, Gee seemed eager to move on.

"It's just part of the game," he said. "You have to just make sure you are ready for the next start, I've got one coming up soon so I can only try to get better."

Rarely one to have to address wild-pitching questions, Gee was asked how hard it is to keep his composure when the walks don't stop.

"The water's under the bridge. You can't get that pitch back," he said. "I just try to make it better next time. As long as you live within the moment of each pitch, and just keep trying, there's really nothing else you can control."

Gee was asked by one fan: "How does it feel to be the best rookie pitcher in the National League?" He replied "I've been really fortunate to be on a team that plays great defense behind me and scores a lot of runs for me. Doesn't help when I walk six guys but it's exceeded my expectations so far."

On his way out of the Fan Cave and onto Broadway, Gee said: "This place is awesome. I definitely want to come back here on an off day and hang out. It's like a frat house."

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