Alderson: Mets quiet during weekend by design

Alderson: Mets quiet during weekend by design

Alderson: Mets quiet during weekend by design
NEW YORK -- Speaking before Monday's series opener against the Marlins, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said the team stood pat this weekend as Sunday's non-waiver Trade Deadline passed in order to see what the current group can do with the remainder of the season.

Alderson and the Mets, of course, were in on two of the most high-profile deals before the Deadline, sending outfielder Carlos Beltran to the Giants last week and closer Francisco Rodriguez to Milwaukee on July 12.

But as Saturday and Sunday came and went, Alderson said there was no plan in action to deal more pieces.

"It was by design," Alderson said of the quiet weekend. "We could have done something, I'm sure, with one or two other players, but we decided on balance that we were better off keeping those players and giving the remaining group as good an opportunity as possible to see how far they could go."

In fact, Alderson said he stayed in New York this weekend -- rather than head to Washington, where the Mets had a weekend series against the Nationals -- to see if he could add a piece, rather than deal another player.

"We wanted to see if there was an opportunity for us to add a reliever and address some of our relief pitching issues," Alderson said. "That didn't happen, but we were in the office Saturday and Sunday not because we were trying to move pieces off the team, but in hopes of maybe adding something."

Alderson did say it's still possible the club could try to bolster the bullpen before season's end, but not to "expect anything dramatic." New York's bullpen posted a 4-2 record and 2.97 ERA in July, by far the bullpen's best ERA of any month of the season.

"I don't want to create the impression that we're out there patrolling for a player," Alderson said. "If it happens, it happens. But right now, I don't expect anything to happen any time soon."

Alderson also said there was interest in closer Jason Isringhausen, but the Mets chose not to pursue it.

"I think everybody's doing a good job, but if [Alderson] can get another quality arm, then so be it," Isringhausen said of the club's outlook. "That's his job, to build a team the way he sees fit. We're always going to welcome additions, it just depends on who we have to get rid of."‬