Stomach virus forces Pagan from Mets game

Stomach virus forces Pagan from Mets game

Stomach virus forces Pagan from Mets game
PHILADELPHIA -- A stomach virus struck suddenly on Monday for Angel Pagan, who alerted Mets trainer Ray Ramirez to his issue before darting to the restroom in the fifth inning. The next thing Pagan knew, it was his turn to bat, forcing him to rush back through the clubhouse and onto the field.

Though Pagan insisted he was fine to keep playing, Mets manager Terry Collins removed his center fielder from the game following his fifth-inning at-bat. Pagan should return to the lineup on Tuesday.

"I could have stayed playing," Pagan said. "But Terry didn't want me to get sicker during the game."

Because Pagan alerted only Ramirez, and not Collins, of his issue, the manager was unaware of Pagan's whereabouts in the moments leading up to his at-bat. Nor did anyone brief home-plate umpire Mike DiMuro, who approached the Mets' dugout seeking explanation when Pagan did not immediately appear.

Seconds later, the center fielder emerged from the clubhouse with his helmet and his bat, grounding out on the first pitch he saw.

"He was sitting on the bench, and all of the sudden, he didn't feel good," Collins said. "He didn't even have time to tell me he was sick."

"Everything happened so quick, I just had to go inside," Pagan said. "It was a miscommunication."

Recently emerging from a season-long slump, Pagan is batting .375 with three home runs and seven stolen bases over his last 17 games dating back to Aug. 2.

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