Former Mets Pitcher Anthony Young Passes Away

Anthony Young, who never let his losing records with the Mets rob him of his sense of humor or his grace, passed away today in Houston after a lengthy illness. Young, 51, pitched with the Mets from 1991-1993.

"Anthony was a true gentleman," said Turk Wendell, a former Mets pitcher, who participated in Mets fantasy camp with Young during the last several years. "At this year's fantasy camp, he told us he had a brain tumor. That was Anthony. He never ran away from anything."

Young lost a major league record 27 consecutive games from 1992-1993. He did record 15 saves in 1992.

"A.Y. took a lot of kidding about his losing records," said Doug Flynn, a fellow Mets player and fantasy coach. "But he was the victim of some bad luck during the streak. He knew inside that he was a better pitcher than his numbers."

Young pitched with the Cubs from 1994-1995 and with the Astros in 1996. He was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the middle of the losing streak.