Carter's brain tumors shrinking, family reports

Carter's brain tumors shrinking, family reports

Gary Carter's brain tumors have shrunk 10 percent in size and some of the tumors are dying, Carter's daughter announced Wednesday on the family's blog.

Carter has recently been suffering from headaches on the right side of his head and a CT scan showed cloudiness, a possible sign for bleeding of the brain. But on a previously-scheduled visit to Duke University Medical Center, an MRI revealed some good news:

• The tumor is 10 percent smaller.

• Parts of the tumor are dying.

• Carter's recent headaches are because of small swelling, possibly caused by radiation treatments and not bleeding in the brain.

• No blood-clot growth.

Doctors have decided to increase Carter's use of steroids to help combat the swelling, but he is still planning on doing physical therapy three days a week and continuing to coach every day at Palm Beach Atlantic.

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