Alderson discusses reports on team conflicts

Alderson discusses reports on team conflicts

PHILADELPHIA -- Mets general manager Sandy Alderson on Saturday took responsibility for breakdowns in the organization's professional culture, which led to a series of local newspaper reports this week critical of the team, its front office and ownership.

"I think that that's a fair point, and it's a point that I frankly take to heart all the time," Alderson said when asked about his level of responsibility for the reports. "I'm the leader of this group. I feel responsible for every aspect of this operation, particularly in those areas where they fall short."

Newsday reported that Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon blocked the front office from dismissing manager Terry Collins earlier this year. That story anonymously quoted Mets players and front office officials critical of Collins, which Alderson called "exceptionally" disappointing.

If he knew which members of his team delivered the quotations, Alderson said, he would have them terminated.

The GM did not, however, deny the content of the stories. The Mets are expected to announce a decision on their manager's future shortly after the season. Collins entered Saturday's play 550-582 over seven seasons at the helm, but guided the Mets to back-to-back postseason berths in 2015-16, including the National League pennant two years ago.

"Any seven-year relationship has its ups and downs," Alderson said. "I've been married for 47 years. Doesn't mean my wife and I have agreed on every occasion. Doesn't mean I haven't slammed the door, and walked out and taken a walk from time to time. But ultimately the tenure, the success that [Collins] has had, to me, speaks for itself.

"There are always going to be disagreements from time to time. That's inevitable if you have more than one person thinking creatively and constructively about what's best for the organization."

Alderson bristled at the notion that Collins contributed to the Mets' injury troubles this season. He also said he is "totally happy" with his relationship with Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon.

"Any time you have a seven-year relationship, you have disagreements," Alderson said. "There are ups and downs. Conversations take place. But ultimately, decisions are made and we march together as an organization. I think that's the story of the last seven years, not what we've seen written over the last two or three days."

Like Collins, Alderson is not under contract for next season, though the Mets are widely expected to announce a new deal for the GM as soon as next week. The team could announce Collins' dismissal concurrently, having already reportedly reached out to potential replacements.

"We have said that we will make a decision, and have an announcement after the season," Alderson said. "I think that this story and the aftermath overshadows, to this point, seven years of outstanding service. And in turn, those stories have been a disservice to Terry."

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