Murphy 'doing everything' to prepare for spring

Murphy 'doing everything' to prepare for spring

Murphy 'doing everything' to prepare for spring
NEW YORK -- Daniel Murphy still has not watched the video clip of his injury in its entirety. He has studied his mechanics at second base and his positioning leading up to the collision, right up until Jose Constanza's spike drives into his left knee, tearing his MCL and ending his season in early August.

At that point, Murphy either rewinds the video or shuts it off.

"I haven't actually seen the knee bend in," Murphy said, "and I don't think I will."

After remaining idle for roughly 10 weeks, Murphy has since started running, hitting, lifting and "doing everything" he needs to do to prepare for Spring Training. That much is critical for a player who, barring a trade or something unforeseen, will be the favorite to start at second base for the Mets.

"I think they want me in the lineup, but I've got to play defense," Murphy said. "I'm not just going to be able to hit all year."

Hitting is something that rarely troubled Murphy last season, considering he sat fifth in the National League batting race at the time of his injury. But there are genuine concerns regarding his ability to play a middle-infield position. Twice in two years, Murphy has suffered serious knee injuries, both in part due to poor positioning around the second-base bag.

"I know the perception," said Murphy, a natural third baseman who has also played first and left field in the Majors. "I've been over there twice. I've gotten hurt twice. So I'm going to have to be as comfortable around second base as some would say I feel in the batter's box. I've got to make that my second home."