Duda slowed -- by Harvey's errant pitch

Duda slowed -- by Harvey's errant pitch

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- No Mets pitcher has turned more heads this spring than Matt Harvey, one of the organization's foremost hopes for a successful future. No hitter has drawn more rave reviews than Lucas Duda, who has already dumped dozens of balls over the right-field fence. So when those two squared off during a live batting-practice session Tuesday, something had to give.

Turns out it was Duda's leg. In a rare lapse of control, Harvey drilled Duda in the right hamstring with a fastball Tuesday morning.

Duda was fine, prompting manager Terry Collins to quip, "It's like throwing against a wall."

"I don't know about that," Duda said afterward. "It's a baseball. It's going to hurt."

Still, it did not hurt enough to prevent Duda from stepping back in the box during regular batting practice later in the morning, drilling ball after ball over the right- and right-center-field fences.

"We all know he has the potential to be very, very dangerous," Collins said, spending significant time praising Duda for the second straight day. "He has the ability to do it."