Collins' focus on Mets' execution, not record

Collins' focus on Mets' execution, not record

KISSIMMEE,Fla. -- The Mets have won three games this spring, fewer than any Major League team. Manager Terry Collins tried to put that in perspective after Sunday 9-5 loss to the Astros at Osceola County Stadium.

"It's always good to win. That's why you play. That's why you keep score. But if we have a game, and you see somebody had four good at-bats and maybe they go 0-for-4, you have to take the approach that he's on the ball, he had good swings. That's the most important thing," he said.

"I've seen too many teams that had great springs and then did nothing during the season, because they played all their players in Spring Training and they beat everybody. Or maybe someone's six-year free agents are better than someone else's six-year free agents that are invited camp. So a lot of games are lost in the last three innings, when there are guys playing who may make your team, but coming out of camp, probably aren't. So I don't get too caught up in the score. I really get caught up in the execution."

The Mets will enjoy their only break in the Grapefruit League schedule Monday, and Collins said he is looking at it as a line of demarcation.

"We're certainly coming out of the day off with some positives. David [Wright], I'm sure will start doing some on-the-field stuff. Ruben Tejada's going to play Tuesday night. Scotty Hairston is feeling much, much better," Collins said. "So all of a sudden, a lot of the pieces are starting to fall into place. And we've got two weeks to get them ready, which seems like a crunch, but [we think we can] get some work done."

Collins added that he's "absolutely" looking for a stronger second half of spring, but he stressed again that he won't measure that in wins and losses.