Harvey intends to learn from poor outing

Harvey intends to learn from poor outing

VIERA, Fla. -- Even Matt Harvey could chuckle while recalling Jayson Werth's mammoth home run in the first inning of Sunday's game against the Nationals, perhaps the longest homer the Mets have seen this spring.

"He hit it pretty good," Harvey acknowledged good-naturedly.

Werth's homer was the lowlight of a nightmarish afternoon for Harvey -- hardly what the No. 2 prospect envisioned when the Mets borrowed him from Minor League camp to make his first career big league start. Allowing two home runs and two doubles to the first four batters he faced, Harvey gave up five runs, seven hits and three homers in the first inning alone. Because Harvey threw 43 pitches in the inning, the Mets did not allow him to go back out to the mound for the second, despite a target pitch count of 90.

"Something I learned from today is slowing everything down, getting off the mound and taking a couple of extra breaths," Harvey said. "It wasn't nerves or anything like that. It was me being a little amped up and my body was moving a little too quick. It's something I'll learn from."

"He's a better pitcher than what he showed today," manager Terry Collins said. "He's closer to the Major Leagues than what he showed today."