Collins ejected for arguing strike zone in finale

Collins ejected for arguing strike zone in finale

NEW YORK -- Mets manager Terry Collins was ejected in the seventh inning Wednesday for arguing balls and strikes.

The ejection came a half inning after home-plate umpire Larry Vanover called out Jason Bay on a questionable third strike, which appeared to be several inches off the outside corner. Bay jawed at Vanover while walking back to the dugout, but was not ejected.

A half inning later, while the Mets were making a pitching change, Collins emerged from the dugout to argue with Vanover. The result was his first ejection of the season.

"Once in a while, you've got to go protect somebody," said Collins after the game, referring to Bay. "When we're walking 10 guys a game, I've got a lot of guts to go and argue balls and strikes when we're not throwing it over.

"Jason Bay never says a word, so when he's arguing something, there's an issue," Collins continued. "That was a point in the game when a guy gets something to handle, and maybe changes the whole dynamics of the rest of the game."