Lack of running not a sign of things to come

Lack of running not a sign of things to come

NEW YORK -- The Mets are still working on their communication.

Manager Terry Collins was asked Thursday about his team's lack of activity on the basepaths, and he said it's partially due to the players missing signs at the plate and on the basepaths.

"There are a few secrets that aren't out there yet," said Collins of his team's execution. "That's why I'm not worried about the other team getting them, because we haven't gotten them yet."

Collins said that he hasn't put on the hit-and-run as much as he'd like because several of his hitters are young and inexperienced at putting the ball in play on command. And he also said that the Mets have already changed their signs a couple of times this season in order to make them easier.

"We've missed two squeezes and probably a few hit-and-runs," he said. "And it goes back to the kind of lineup we have. We've got a lineup where we don't have a lot of speed. ... We put the green light on a lot, and one of the things human nature will tell you is, 'I don't want to get thrown out.'

"We've got some guys that are trying. We've had a couple guys that have taken off, but we've also got some guys that are in the lineup to hit the ball over the fence. When they look down at that third-base coach, the last thing on their minds is that they're going to put the hit-and-run on."