Teufel amazed by stamina of Rockies' Moyer

Teufel amazed by stamina of Rockies' Moyer

DENVER -- When Mets third-base coach Tim Teufel ran into Jamie Moyer in the Coors Field weight room earlier this weekend, his reaction was part shock, part awe. Teufel, after all, had been in the lineup when Moyer faced the Mets at Shea Stadium as a rookie in 1986, finishing his career 2-for-20 against the 49-year-old Rockies left-hander.

"It's not bizarre -- it's unique," Teufel said. "Here he is, decades apart. We got talking about the game itself."

Though Teufel is only four years older than Moyer, his own playing career ended in 1993, after 11 big league seasons. Not so for Moyer, who started Sunday against the Mets, recently becoming the oldest pitcher to win a Major League game.

"My body couldn't even come close," Teufel said with a laugh, when asked if he could still play today. "I get soreness just from doing what I do, never mind performing at a high level. It's amazing."

Even at age 49, Moyer had the Mets scheming Sunday morning, with manager Terry Collins and hitting coach Dave Hudgens trying to decide how best to attack the left-hander's low-velocity repertoire. Moyer is at his best when he is able to make hitters uncomfortable, luring them into chasing off-speed pitches that fade out of the strike zone.

"You've got to give Jamie Moyer some real credit," Collins said. "He's craftier than heck now. He uses the experience to his advantage."