Seaver pleased Mets finally notched no-no

Seaver pleased Mets finally notched no-no

NEW YORK -- Perhaps no one better understands what Johan Santana experienced Friday night than Tom Seaver, who stood on the mound in a Mets uniform with a no-hitter in the ninth inning three times.

Seaver just never finished his.

The Hall of Fame pitcher became the poster child of the Mets' long futility with no-hitters, and he learned of the franchise's changed fortunes when he picked up the newspaper Saturday morning at his Calistoga, Calif., home.

"Honestly, not having a no-hitter was an anomaly," Seaver said. "It's great to get this off the franchise's back. Now they can't say,'The Mets are without a no-hitter.'"

Seaver threw a one-hitter five times with the Mets, then threw a no-hitter against the Cardinals on June 16, 1978, as a member of the Reds. He won 198 games with the Mets, and that made it worth it to him.

"I never looked back on losing a no-hitter as long as we won," he said. "I would trade a no-hitter for two wins."