Thole well aware of how Bay is feeling

Thole well aware of how Bay is feeling

Thole well aware of how Bay is feeling
NEW YORK -- If there's one person on the Mets' roster that can empathize with Jason Bay's situation, it's catcher Josh Thole.

Bay crashed into the wall on Friday while chasing down Jay Bruce's fly ball in the second inning. He was moved to the seven-day concussion list on Saturday. This is Bay's second bout with a concussion, as he missed the last two months of the 2010 season with one after he crashed into the left-field wall in Dodger Stadium. Thole returned from the disabled list on June 1, after suffering the second concussion of his career on May 8.

"It gets scarier because you go sit in doctors' offices and hear doctors tell you that you could be one away if you have a serious one," Thole said. "Then you start talking about stuff you don't really want to talk about. That's stuff you don't want to hear."

Manager Terry Collins said he hadn't talked to Bay on Saturday because he wanted his outfielder to stay home and rest. He guessed Bay would need more time on the disabled list than the seven days allotted for concussions.

"It's not easy," Thole said. "You have headaches. You want to be out here just as bad as anybody, and all you can do is be quarantined to your room, pretty much."

While Thole acknowledged the severity of concussions and the caution that needs to go into handling them because of the potential long-term effects, he downplayed the seriousness of the injury in baseball as compared to other more physical sports.

"It's different. Football, hockey and boxing are getting all of this big PR because of what's happening with the concussions in the NFL, but I personally feel like that's two different kind of concussions," Thole said. "You're talking about four straight quarters of just getting pounded to the head. Again, it's serious if you get hit in the head by a fastball, no question. It's serious if you get hit in the head at home plate or run into a wall. That's serious stuff, but a guy is taking a blow with his knuckles to your head time after time, not just one time, and then you're going to sit out for 15 days and do it all over again."