Watson throws first pitch at Citi Field

Watson throws first pitch at Citi Field

NEW YORK -- Bubba Watson left his clubs at home, but he was still pondering trick shots when he walked out of the dugout at Citi Field on Monday.

"It'd be pretty fun here to try and hit over those big signs," Watson said. "I would love to just try and hit one off the lights like the movie 'The Natural.' That was one of the best baseball movies of all time, and watching the lights explode like that, that'd be fun to try and do with a golf ball, because I couldn't do it with a baseball.

Watson was cool under pressure this past April, when he won the Masters in a dramatic playoff for his first career victory at a major tournament. But the 33-year-old faced a whole new kind of pressure on Monday, when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Mets' series opener against the Orioles. Watson had previously thrown out a first pitch at the Reds' Double-A affiliate in Pensacola, Fla., but Monday was the only time he has toed the rubber in a Major League ballpark.

"It got there all the way, but it's funny, when you don't warm up and you don't stretch and you don't do all that stuff, your old bones start feeling it after a while," Watson said. "So for me, when I reared it back I was like, 'I better lob it over the plate.'"

Watson was eliminated from the U.S. Open this past weekend after he shot a 78 on Thursday and a 71 on Friday, but he did get to experience another major first moment in his life because of it. Although he was disappointed with the result of his golf game, he was overjoyed he had the chance to spend his first Father's Day as a dad with his recently adopted son.

"It was unbelievable," Watson said. "It was sad that I wasn't playing golf, but to be able to spend the time with my son and be there all day with him and my wife, it was a blessing and it was very fun."