Mets' travel issues make for 'grueling' first half

Mets' travel issues make for 'grueling' first half

LOS ANGELES -- The Mets have found a new way to be snake-bitten of late, enduring the types of flight delays and travel issues not typically of issue for professional sports teams.

The team charter flight was delayed in Chicago more than four hours Wednesday due to a mechanical issue, finally arriving in Los Angeles past midnight local time. That came three days after the Mets endured a brief delay on their late-night flight from New York City to Chicago, arriving at their hotel after 4 a.m. and appearing noticeably sluggish during Monday's loss to the Cubs.

"I salute our players," manager Terry Collins said. "It has been disrupted, and been disrupted with delays and late arrivals and early days and late games. It has been a grueling first half."

Thanks to gaining two hours on the way to Los Angeles, most Mets players were nonetheless able to enjoy a full night's sleep Wednesday at their Beverly Hills hotel. But Collins is wary of the toll that travel issues have taken on his team.

"We're just going through a streak of bad luck right now when it comes to travel," the manager said. "It's nobody's fault. That's just the way it is."