Warthen ejected during meeting on mound

Warthen ejected during meeting on mound

ATLANTA -- Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen was ejected by home-plate umpire C.B. Bucknor during a meeting on the mound in the fifth inning of Sunday's game against the Braves.

Warthen came out to talk to left-hander Johan Santana after he gave up an RBI double to Michael Bourn, giving the Braves a 1-0 lead in an eventual 6-1 win over the Mets. When Bucknor came to the mound to break the meeting up, Warthen aired his grievences about the strike zone. He was ejected.

"At that point in time, it had been going on, it had been building a little bit," Warthen said. "We'd had enough."

Warthen's complaints centered on a 2-2 slider to Paul Janish and a 1-2 fastball to Michael Bourn that Bucknor called balls.

"The inning's over," Warthen said. "Janish is out and Bourn is out. The inning is totally over. And the pitches that [Santana] threw to those guys [Bucknor] had called much worse pitches on our guys."

Warthen contended Bucknor's strike zone was wider with Braves starter Ben Sheets on the mound.

Manager Terry Collins quickly joined the discussion, but was not ejected.

It was Warthen's first ejection this season.