Schneider returns to Mets' lineup

Schneider returns to Mets' lineup

NEW YORK -- When Brian Schneider was brought to the hospital on Thursday to have a chiropractor work on his aching upper back, he wasn't so much concerned about the pain.

Sitting out Thursday's win against the Cubs and spending more time getting X-rayed than helping the Mets try to clinch a playoff berth, Schneider was frustrated that his back injury, which struck in the middle of the night, was potentially hurting his standing with teammates.

Considering Carlos Beltran's sore left knee and ribs, Ryan Church's hip and back pains, and a host of other nicks across the Mets' roster, it doesn't send a good message to the rest of the clubhouse to sit out for anything less than a serious injury.

"I'm just frustrated, because these games mean a lot and you want to be out there and help out, and you want to keep face in the clubhouse," Schneider said. "You don't want anybody thinking you are not trying to play, because you know everyone is hurt this time of year." Schneider said he first felt the pain -- a burning that went from his upper back and radiated to his ribs -- when he woke up on Thursday morning. He was then taken to the hospital to have his spine adjusted and X-rays were taken to determine if there was any structural damage. From the medical diagnosis, Schneider was told the injury was nowhere near season-ending.

After that ordeal, it was just a waiting game until Friday to see if any lingering aches would prevent the Mets' No. 1 catcher from playing his best. When it came time to put up the lineups on Friday, Schneider's name was on it, feeling that he wouldn't be hurting the team, despite a back that was still slightly less than 100 percent.

"I don't feel like I would be hurting the team at all," Schneider said. "It's too crucial, these games mean too much, I will go out there and just try."

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