Wright out of the lineup against Lincecum

Wright out of the lineup against Lincecum

SAN FRANCISCO -- David Wright had a choice: Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain. Wright chose Cain.

When Terry Collins approached his third baseman to tell him he would be receiving a routine off-day at some point on this 11-game road trip, Wright told his manager to choose the day. Collins narrowed it down to Tuesday's matchup against the struggling Lincecum or Wednesday's meeting with Cain, the National League's All-Star starter.

Aware of his 2-for-19 career performance with 11 strikeouts against Lincecum, Wright chose Cain -- despite the fact that Cain is the pitcher who beaned him in the head with a fastball in 2009. Wright is 9-for-21 with five doubles off the right-hander.

Wright ended up facing Lincecum as a pinch-hitter on Tuesday, and he struck out with the bases loaded and the Mets trailing, 3-1, for the final out in the seventh inning.

"He kills Cain," Collins said. "We just decided today would be a good day for him, so we chose today."