Collins not upset with Francisco after outburst

Collins not upset with Francisco after outburst

NEW YORK -- Because Frank Francisco did not injure himself in the process, Mets manager Terry Collins said he had no problem with his closer's dugout outburst during the ninth inning Wednesday.

"He survived it," Collins said, after Francisco gave up two runs and took out his frustrations on a water cooler. "One of the things that we can kind of take for granted sometimes when you see a guy like Frank, is that sometimes the persona is that they don't care. They do care. They care a lot how they do.

"These guys are all taught -- as they come through the Minor Leagues and they get to the big leagues -- to try to hide their emotions a little bit. But when you care about how you're doing, once in a while they spill out.

Forced to pitch mostly in non-save situations since returning from the disabled list, Francisco has given up eight runs over his last six appearances, spanning four innings. Twice this month, Collins has pulled his closer from save situations in favor of other relievers.

But Francisco is due $6.5 million next season, giving the Mets incentive to make sure he rights himself by the end of the year.

"I told Frank last night, 'Look, I'm glad you got angry about the results,'" Collins said. "And he said, 'Look, I'm not happy with what happened.' And as he told me earlier in the year, he's going to do something about it. He's going to get better."