St. Louis radio call helped Cards on appeal play

St. Louis radio call helped Cards on appeal play

St. Louis radio call helped Cards on appeal play
ST. LOUIS -- New York Mets manager Terry Collins said Tuesday afternoon that it was St. Louis radio broadcaster Mike Shannon that initially spotted Andres Torres' misstep at first base in the ninth inning of Monday's 5-4 loss at Busch Stadium.

Torres appeared to lead off the inning with a double down the right-field line. But he was called out for missing first by umpire Dave Rackley on an appeal play. After the game, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny gave former Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran credit for catching the mistake. Beltran, who did not play, was warming up in the batting cage underneath the dugout and saw the play on television.

But Collins says that Beltran heard Shannon mention on the radio that he felt Torres missed the base. Beltran quickly went to Matheny, who had pitcher Jason Motte appeal the play at first.

Shannon knew immediately that something was amiss and he passed that information on to his listeners.

"I saw the runner round the bag and then the umpire kept staring down there," Shannon said. "I knew that since [Rackley] kept looking, something might be up."

Shannon did not care that Beltran was taking credit for spotting the miscue.

Collins joked that Beltran was just a "delivery boy" -- simply passing along information to his manager.

Collins said he and Shannon, a former St. Louis third baseman, are friends.

"I guess he doesn't like me as much as I thought," Collins kidded.