Wright OK after fouling pitch off left foot

Wright OK after fouling pitch off left foot

MIAMI -- A cracked big toe didn't wipe the smile off David Wright's face or diminish his enthusiasm for the World Baseball Classic.

The Mets All-Star third baseman fouled a ball off his left foot in Team USA's 10-6 loss to Venezuela on Wednesday night at Dolphin Stadium.

The ball plunked Wright's big toe, cracking the nail and causing a great deal of discomfort and concern for a team riddled with ailments.

"A little sore. I'll be all right," said Wright, maintaining a smile and sense of humor for reporters afterward. "No problems. Fouled a ball off. Cracked a toenail. Other than that, things are good."

Wright maintained a positive outlook and gutted it out, playing nine innings on a sloppy, wet field on a night Team USA didn't have any reserves to replace him. Earlier in the day, the squad lost the services of first baseman Kevin Youkilis, who is done for the tournament because of a left ankle injury.

Wright wrapped the toe in between innings, and afterward, he was examined by Marlins physician Dan Kanell. An X-ray was taken and it came back negative, which was the best news he heard all night.

"It's tough to put weight on it," Wright said. "It hurt. But it was more nagging. You've got to put all the weight on your feet. You have to move side-to-side. I probably would have played through it in the season."

The cracked nail, Wright insists, will not prevent him from playing in the semifinals this weekend at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Asked if he was staying with the team, Wright responded: "One-hundred percent, yes."

Wright said he expects to hear from the Mets.

"They kind of check up on me," Wright said.

He added that he would overrule the Mets if they tried to tell him not to be with the club in Los Angeles.

When asked if he expected a call from the Mets, he joked, "I hope they don't call too early."

Wright has been a big advocate of the Classic, and despite all the injuries, he said the format is fine.

"A lot of this, at least what I see, is normal," Wright said. "In the middle of the season, you could play through it. The teams want to take every precautionary measure to make sure you're ready to go the first week in April.

"There is a difference between being hurt and being banged up. This is being banged up. Hurt is something is kind of a fine line. I didn't feel hurt. I didn't feel injured. I felt extra pain."

Before he got the X-ray, Wright admitted he worried that he may have done more damage than just a cracked nail.

"I guess so," Wright said when asked if he feared the toe may have been broken. "I've never broken a toe, so I don't know what that feels like. But they brought me in to get an X-ray, which is kind of precautionary. Everything turned out negative."

USA manager Davey Johnson kept monitoring Wright's condition between innings.

"Under normal circumstances, I'd have taken him out," Johnson said. "I asked him how he's doing.

"He basically tore off the toenail on his left foot, so he's not a happy camper right now."

Joe Frisaro is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.