Minaya clarifies comments on leaders

Minaya clarifies comments on leaders

PHILADELPHIA -- Hours before his team engaged an opponent known for its grit and heart, Mets general manager Omar Minaya clarified remarks attributed to him in a FOXSports.com report that seemed to question his team's resolve.

Minaya was quoted as saying, "Some people see edge as leadership. Sometimes, you need a little meanness to your game. Some people perceive leadership as meanness. I couldn't tell you that we have that type of guy. We have leaders. But everyone's perception of leadership is different. ... We have good guys, solid professionals. There is a smile on David Wright's face, a smile on Jose Reyes' face. But there is not an edge to them."

Asked about those comments Friday night, the general manager seemed to contradict himself, saying: "Let's be clear: We have an edge. Our edge is different from, maybe, other teams. There's different definitions of edge or leadership. We play the game different from other guys. Some guys are serious. Some guys are happy. Some guys are blue collar.

"It's all subjective. I'm in the trenches. I've seen our guys, and our guys play with a lot of passion, a lot of energy. Just watch us play."

The report also quoted Minaya as having said, "We've had championship [caliber] clubs the last three years and all we have to show for it is one playoff [appearance]."

He noted Friday the acquisitions of Gary Sheffield and Alex Cora were intended to address the team's grit.

"We brought in different guys who have been involved in some winning, and there's a presence about Sheffield," Minaya said. "He has a presence about him."

He also said: "We have leaders in our clubhouse. I know who's banged up and who's playing hurt, and I can tell you we have a whole bunch of guys in there who have played in the trenches hurt."

And asked whether the Phillies have an edge over the Mets, he said, "No. I want to respect the world champions, but I feel our players are passionate, have leadership and play hard."

Marty Noble is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.