Sheffield makes fashion contribution

Sheffield makes fashion contribution

NEW YORK -- The Mets imported Gary Sheffield for his offense, veteran presence and, as he learned last week, his edge. There is another contribution he has made that has gone unnoticed until now, one that deals with fashion.

You may have noticed by now that Sheffield wears his baseball pants long, as many players do these days. Sheffield, Ryan Church and Jose Reyes prefer pants that touch the ground and cover almost all of the backs and heels of their spikes. Gravity doesn't always do the job the players want, so Sheffield has brought a new technique to the Mets' clubhouse.

Sheffield covers the backs of his spikes and the sides adjacent to the backs with pine tar, the sticky substance normally used on bats. He also spreads some on top of the spikes where the pants legs rest.

"Sticks like glue," Sheffield said.

Said Church: "Got to have that veteran presence."

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