Thompson's suspension pleases Wright

Thompson's suspension pleases Wright

SAN DIEGO -- David Wright avoids awkward and controversial situations whenever possible. In the sixth inning of Wednesday's 9-0 Mets win over the Cardinals, he had to avoid something else -- a fastball from pitcher Brad Thompson that would have struck him in the head had he not ducked. And when Thompson was suspended and fined by Major League Baseball on Thursday, Wright didn't avoid the topic.

"Obviously, when you do something that isn't right, you should be punished for it," Wright said on Thursday. The punishment was a three-day suspension and a fine, the amount not announced.

Wright was certain Thompson had intended to throw at him. So, too, was Bob Watson, vice president of on-field operations for Major League Baseball, apparently. Wright was also certain that Thompson hadn't cared whether the pitch hit the target.

Mets reliever Nelson Figueroa had hit Ryan Ludwick and Albert Pujols with pitches in the fourth and fifth innings. In neither case was the pitch near the batter's head.

"I have no problem [with him] protecting a teammate, but do it the right way," Wright said.

Thompson's pitch bore in on Wright, who ducked away at the last instant. Other high-and-tight pitches have come close to the Mets' third baseman, but none had the intent that he sensed Wednesday. Had Wright recalled a pitch so high and tight from a sinkerball pitcher?

"Not on a four-seamer," he said.

Wright didn't respond to the pitch, though Gary Sheffield later gestured to Thompson that the pitch was unacceptable.

"I always try to maintain some restraint," Wright said. "It was tough this time. I never thought there was malicious intent other times."

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