Mets trying to outrun power shortcomings

Mets trying to outrun power shortcomings

DENVER -- The Mets entered Thursday's series opener in Colorado with 25 stolen bases -- 10 more than their home run tally. They were tied for third in the Majors for steals, and second to last in the National League with 15 home runs.

"If you don't have power, you gotta play that game," manager Terry Collins said, referring to Whitey Herzog's speed-induced teams of the 1980s. "We're sitting here today with not a lot of home runs. So we have to use baserunning as one of our weapons to put some runs on the board."

Conversely, the Mets have been successful in keeping other teams from stealing on them, with catchers Travis d'Arnaud and Anthony Recker catching 40 percent of those attempting to steal on them through the season's first month.

"We certainly have spent a lot time trying to do a better job of keeping the running game under control by changing our times at home plate," Collins said. "Our two catchers have worked very hard at their throwing to second base. They've become very accurate in very good time. It's a combination. It helps you win. I truly believe in baserunning on our side, because I think it creates runs."

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