Manuel, Wright examining at-bats, strikeouts

Manuel, Wright examining at-bats, strikeouts

NEW YORK -- David Wright hasn't hit the ball between the white lines much lately.

Over the weekend's three-game series with the Giants, Wright came to the plate 14 times, drew three walks and struck out eight times.

Wright fanned a career-high 140 times in 144 games last season and is on pace to strike out 190 times in the same number of games this season.

"When those strikeouts come in the manner that they are coming -- when they come in bunches like that -- then we have to start looking to see why," manager Jerry Manuel said. "Is it as simple as mechanics, fundamentals, those types of things? Selection? So we're in the process of trying to, as a staff, figure that out. We haven't quite gotten there yet, to be honest with you."

Selection appears to be the most likely explanation.

Though Wright's batting average is 38 points below his career average, his on-base (.400) and slugging percentages (.528) are both above his career averages.

Wright has also walked 24 times this year, putting him on pace for 125 over the season, which would shatter his previous high of 94.

So although Wright may be striking out more than usual, he's getting on base more than usual, too. -- Kyle Maistri